Behavioral Counseling Interventions: An Evidence-based Approach - Table 3

Table 3. Attributes from health behavior change theories and models that predispose an individual to successful behavior change: 39,45,49

  1. Strongly wants and intends to change for clear, personal reasons.
  2. Faces a minimum of obstacles (information processing, physical, logistical, or environmental barriers) to change.
  3. Has the requisite skills and self-confidence to make a change.
  4. Feels positively about the change and believes it will result in meaningful benefit(s).
  5. Perceives the change as congruent with his/her self-image and social group(s) norms.
  6. Receives reminders, encouragement, and support to change at appropriate times and places from valued persons and community sources, and is in a largely supportive community/environment for the change.

    Current as of: November 2013

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